AI: As it turns out the simulation is not based on peer-reviewed science, but a white-paper, as per Runner’s World article.

A simulation of running by Professor Bert Blocked and Fabio Malizia with the Eindhoven University of Technology appears to indicate that simply social distancing by the recommended two metres may not be enough to keep runners clear of infecting each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

A video that was created by Blocken and Malizia and powered by simulation technology company Ansys, shows that droplets can spread more than two metres behind runners, while training.

“Because of this, running side-by-side with someone may actually be safer than running behind them so you don’t directly come into contact with any droplets,” say the engineers.

With more than 1,742,306 cases and 106,347 deaths, medical professionals are suggesting that increasing the amount of distance between runners while outside is one of the key elements to helping flatten the curve. Better to not run together at all.

So far, 392,718 have recovered from the infection, according to