The Spanish anti-doping agency (CELAD) head director Jose Luis Terreros was fired on January 26.

Seventy-eight athletes aired concern in a published statement which includes the recently suspended Mohamed Katir and racewalking world champion Alvaro Martín. The list also includes Mario García Romo, Maria Perez, Eusebio Cáceres, Carlos Tobalina, Álvaro Martín, Fátima Diame, and Eusebio Cáceres, to name a few. They have demanded honesty and transparency from the agency in the fight against doping.

“Recent events have only served to push back the boundaries and provoke feelings of mistrust, uncertainty and indignation towards our leaders in the fight against doping,” they wrote.

“As professional athletes, we recognize the difficulty of eradicating doping. All sectors must reject any practice that violates the anti-doping rules defined by WADA.”

In a letter to the Spanish news agency EFE, the Spanish government said that it shares the concern of the athletes and joins them in their defence of clean sport. This followed the release on Wednesday from the 78 athletes. They expressed their firm and absolute rejection of the recent actions of CELAD.

The CSD passed on a report on the agency to Spanish prosecutors after an investigation into a complaint alleging “irregularities in the use of public funds and in the control and sanctioning of doping.”

Spanish media outlet Relevo wrote, “CELAD had exploited bureaucratic loopholes to cover up positive cases.”

Terreros said the reports were false.

“Today, all Spanish athletes may be victims of mistrust in our society and among our colleagues in other countries because of the latest news,” said the athlete’s statement.