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American Bobby Morrow wins the 100m event at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, on November 24, 1956. (Getty Images)

Bobby Joe Morrow (October 15, 1935 – May 30, 2020) from Harlington, Texas passed away at the age of 84 over the weekend.

The sprinting great won three gold medals at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.

He medalled in the 100-metres, 200m and 4x100m relays. In the relay, he ran the anchor leg setting the world record of 39.5 seconds.

He was the second of four male athletes to ever win the triple crown of sprints. First off was Jesse Owens, and since fellow American Carl Lewis accomplished the feat. Usain Bolt of Jamaican is the latest.

He attended Abilene Christian University (ACU) and won the sprint double in the national college championships and then defended the title the following year.

Morrow achieved fame after winning his three gold medals and was featured on the covers of Life and SPORT, as well as Sports Illustrated. He appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and Arthur Godfrey and His Friends, and addressed a joint session of the Texas legislature.

Morrow’s success on a national level continued after the Olympics, but he retired in 1958 to become a farmer and a woodworker. He made a short comeback before the 1960 Olympic Games but failed to qualify.