Lucas Bruchet, Ross Proudfoot and Geoff Martinson. Photo credit: Keith Dunn for Athletics Illustrated

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The BMO St. Patrick’s Day 5K that took place Saturday, March 18 in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, was a race that came down to a single second that split the top-three finishers.

The top-three men were Guelph’s Ross Proudfoot taking it with a very late sprint to the line in the time of 14:40. Rio Olympian Lucas Bruchet is given the same time but is credited with second place, while Geoff Martinson, finished third in the time of 14:41. Bruchet and Martinson are based in Vancouver, while Proudfoot is enjoying an extended training stint with Athletics Canada’s West Hub in Victoria.

Bruchet competed in the 5,000-metre event in Rio and owns a best of 13:24.18. Proudfoot also owns an impressive best of 13:29.32.

Martinson competed in the 2011 Daegu IAAF World Track and field Championships in the 1500m distance. He has run the 5,000m as fast as 13:43.45 on the track and owns a road 5K best of 13:56 from 2014.

Twenty-three men ran under 16-minutes.

Asked how the race played out in respect to his expectations, Proudfoot said, “The race went as well as it could have from my perspective. It was an early season race and my first time on the roads since high school. I had set out, just to have a solid effort and try to stay in contact with the lead group. Ultimately the pace set out quite slowly, which I thought was my perfect situation to have a shot at taking the race. I tried to conserve energy for the majority and was able to wind it up in the last 200m when the course finally started to flatten out after the final big hill. I couldn’t be happier to have a finish like that with a strong field.”

Dayna Pidhoresky of Vancouver won in an equally impressive women’s field in the time of 16:28. She finished 31st overall.

Asked about her race, Pidhoresky told Athletics Illustrated, “The race went well. That’s the fastest I have run on that course, but it is definitely not the fastest course out there. So yeah, I am very pleased with my race!”

Pidhoresky may be better known for her half-marathon prowess than her 5K talent, having run as fast as 1:11:46 over the 21.1K distance. Her road best for 5K was set in 2011 at 16:12 in Chiba, Japan.

“After a series of high mileage weeks and with my focus being on the 30K distance, I was happy to discover that I still had some speed in the legs,” added Pidhoresky. “I felt strong throughout, something I hope will also translate over to the race next weekend.”

She is referring to the Around the Bay 30K, the oldest race in North America. It takes place in Hamilton, Ontario. Pidhoresky won the race in 2011 and 2015. Other well-known Canadian winners include Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene, who own the first and second fastest marathon times in Canadian history. Lioudmila Kortchaguina won the race three consecutive times 2002-2004.

Langley’s Regan Yee made a race of St. Patrick’s finishing in second and just six seconds back. Rebecca Bassett of Nanaimo finished third in the time of 16:49.

2017 Maserati Levanti. The pace car.

Seventeen women ran under the 18-minute benchmark.

In the men’s masters race Vancouver’s Jeremiah Ziak finished first in an impressive time of 15:47. He bettered Vancouver’s Kevin O’Connor, who finished in 16:13. Victoria’s Craig Odermatt was third in the time of 16:34. Both Odermatt and O’Connor compete in the 45-49 age-group, while Ziak is in the 40-44 group.

As expected Catherine Watkins won the women’s masters race. She finished in the time of 17:18. Jillian Fong was the second master and she competes in the 50-54 age-category. She is credited with the time of 18:05.

The first 40-44 years old female was Melanie Kassel, who was the third master, she crossed the line in the time of 19:08.

There is a timing mat located at the first mile. There is additional prize money for winning it. Proudfoot is credited with the fastest first mile time. He recorded a 4:36, while Vancouver Kevin Friesen went for it and lost by a second. Declan White of Langley ran the first mile in 4:38. There were 29 men who ran under 5:00.

The top two women were Regan Yee and two-time Olympian Hilary Stellingwerff. They were credited with 5:01. Pidhoresky was third in 5:02.

Women under 19:00

16:28     PIDHORESKY, Dayna                       Vancouver, BC                  F3034
16:34     YEE, Regan                                          Langley, BC                   F2024
16:49     BASSETT, Rebecca                           Coquitlam, BC                  F2024
17:01     STELLINGWERFF, Hilary                 Victoria, BC                        F3539
17:08     MILDREN, Robyn                              Vancouver, BC                  F2529
17:09     WILKIE, Sabrina                                 Vancouver, BC                 F3034
17:16     LEE, Kirsten                                         Port Coquitlam, BC         F2024
17:18     WATKINS, Catherine                      Vancouver, BC                     F4549
17:25     MADDEN, Anne-Marie                  Vancouver, BC                       F3539
17:29     COLL, Neasa                                       Vancouver, BC                F3034
17:31     MILLEN, Roy                                       Vancouver, BC                M4044
17:33     HEGLAND, Chloe                              Victoria, BC                      F2024
17:38     FETHERSTONHAUGH, Grace        New Westminster, BC            F-U20
17:40     CARSON, Lindsay                             Whitehorse, YK                F2529
17:48     MOROZ, Jen                                       Vancouver, BC                 F3034
17:51     MORRISON, Amber                        Bellingham, WA                   F3539
17:52     OLSEN, Courtney                             Bellingham, WA                  F2529
17:57     GUSTAFSON, Kate                           Vancouver, BC                  F3034
18:05     FONG, Jillian                                       Vancouver, BC                  F5054
18:14     GINTHER, Ally                                    Moscow, ID                        F2024
18:27     GOMES, Adrienne                           Squamish, BC                     F2024
18:30     LEE, Andrea                                        Vancouver, BC                  F2529
18:33     TAI, Allison                                          Vancouver, BC                  F3539
18:34     DOWLING-MEDLEY, Jenn             Vancouver, BC                       F2529
18:36     PEICHEFF, Sean                                 Vancouver, BC                  M4549
18:40     BOOKER, Laurel                            Victoria, BC                           F2024
18:41     STEVENS, Rob                                    North Saanich, BC            M3034
18:44     WILLETT, Olivia                                  Coquitlam, BC                    F-U20
18:45     GUO, Winston                                   Vancouver, BC                   M3034
18:46     ROSS, Melissa                                    Nanaimo, BC                      F3034
18:46     GERSBACH, Shauna                         North Vancouver, BC           F3034
18:48     FORSYTH, Sophie                        Vancouver, BC                         F-U20
18:48     FORSYTH, Gavin                                     Vancouver, BC            M4549
18:49     DALE, Shannon                                 North Vancouver, BC         F3034
18:52     MACENTEE, David                            Vancouver, BC                  M4549
18:54     LORENZO, Stanley                           Vancouver, BC                  M3539
18:57     ZIMMER, Lissa                                   Vancouver, BC                  F2529
18:58     PATERSON, Rhian                            North Vancouver, BC          F-U20

Men under 16:00

14:40     PROUDFOOT, Ross                          Guelph, ON                        M2024
14:40     BRUCHET, Lucas                                Vancouver, BC                  M2529
14:41     MARTINSON, Geoff                        Vancouver, BC                       M3034
14:48     COFFEY, Kevin                                   Vancouver, BC                  M3034
14:49     FRIESEN, Kevin                                  Vancouver, BC                  M2529
14:50     COLYN, Nickolas                               Langley, BC                         M-U20
14:54     LUMB, Kieran                                    Vancouver, BC                   M-U20
14:59     WATSON, Robin                               Vancouver, BC                    M3034
15:02     BROCKERVILLE, Ryan                      Coquitlam, BC                    M2529
15:05     HUNT, Theo                                       Vancouver, BC                  M2529
15:22     WONG, Brendan                              Coquitlam, BC                    M2024
15:34     WHITE, Declan                                   Langley, BC                      M2024
15:35     PROCEVIAT, Cameron                    Burnaby, BC                        M2024
15:36     NOSEWORTHY, Matthew             Victoria, BC                            M2024
15:41     DANNATT, Charlie                           North Vancouver, BC            M-U20
15:44     GRAVEL, Christian                            Vancouver, BC                  M2024
15:47     ZIAK, Jeremiah                                  Vancouver, BC                  M4044
15:47     MCDONALD, Stuart                         White Rock, BC                   M2024
15:47     NGENO, Benard                                 Surrey, BC                         M2529
15:49     WILKIE, Mark                                     Vancouver, BC                  M3034
15:51     KOLZELJ, Josh                                    Victoria, BC                      M-U20
15:57     BICKLEY, Brad                                    Kelowna, BC                     M2529
15:59     NEMETHY, Alexander                     Victoria, BC                          M2024


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