Stefano Baldini’s training before Athens Olympic Games Marathon



Stefano Baldini’s Training Leading up to Athens Olympic Games Marathon – Original and Translated

Country – Italy

Born – 25/05/197

Coach – Luciano Gigliotti

Baldini_training (1) – Translated to English PDF

Baldini Italian original slideshow PDF

Personal bests:

3000m – 7:43.14

5000m – 13:23’43

10,000m – 27:43’98

Half Marathon – 1:00:50

Marathon – 2:07:22, 2:07:29, 2:07:56, 2:07:57

Athens Olympic Games 2004 – Gold Medal, Marathon – 2:10:55

Baldini – Medals rather than fast times matter

Italy’s Stefano Baldini lived up to his already formidable reputation as a runner able to peak for the big championship occasion, when he won the Olympic marathon title in Athens.

It was a victory which topped a long list of other notable performances including the 1996 World Half Marathon title, the 1998 European Marathon gold, and two World Championship bronze medals for the Marathon – Edmonton 2001 and Paris 2003.

Read career story here at IAAF.

Below is another example of his training, translated to English, from:

Major marathon 30k splits semi-long run.


Monday AM:

30km increase pace every 10km, road course.
10km at 3.20 per km,
10km at 3.15 per km,
10km at 3.10 per km,

Monday PM:

50 mins @ 4`to 3.45 per km,
1 hour of stretching.

Tuesday AM:

60 min run, 4 mins per km finishing at 3.30 per km,
1 hour of muscle work in the gym… back, calfs, quads., and hamstrings.

Tues. PM – rest.

Wednesday AM:

40 mins warm up + hills 15 x 100m on hill of 15% 1 min rest between each.

Wednesday PM:

Recovery run – 50 mins at between 4 mins to 3.30 per km.

Thursday – Long session

2:15` with one hour in the forest. Starts at 4 mins per km finish @ 3.30.

5km at 3.06 per km,
1km in 3.09
4km at 3.02
1km in 3.08
3km at 3.00 per km
1km in 3.07,
2km in 2.58,
1km in 3.06
1km in 2.56. Total – 19km in 58` + warm down, 15 mins easy.

Friday AM:

60 mins of endurance followed by one hour of stretching.

Friday PM:

Gym work: abs. and muscles of the upper body only.

Saturday AM:

1 hour 15 mins trails.
Plyometrics and bounding: strides, stairs etc. Bounding 10 x 100m

Saturday PM:

60 mins recovery run.

Sunday AM:

1 hr 45 mins trails, easy.



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