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Athletics agent Robert Wagner was captured on video telling undercover reporters that he could provide performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to them, earned a ban of two years.

Wagner said that he made the statements just to secure what he thought would turn out to be a $250,000 contract. He said they were, “misleading and untruthful statements” to try to secure the contract.

The repercussions from a 2017 investigation and report by the Daily Telegraph resulted in sprinter Justin Gatlin firing his coach Dennis Mitchell. As both were implicated at the time.

“Mr. Wagner confirmed that he had no further information or any evidence to corroborate his claims that Mr. Justin Gatlin was doping at certain points in the season or that Mr. Dennis Mitchell was involved, aware and engaged in doping Mr. Gatlin,” an Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) statement reads.

Wagner was charged with breaking the Integrity Code by acting with dishonesty, not reporting actions which themselves could be considered breaches of the Code and bringing the sport of athletics into disrepute. However, he maintains that he believed at the time that he was supplying PEDs to actors, not athletes.

Apparently, according to the Telegraph, Wagner met with reporters at a training camp in Florida and it was there that he offered to supply and administer testosterone and human growth hormone for a fee of $250,000.

Wagner earned time served for cooperating with the investigation. Originally, he was suspended in April 2018 and has now served his two-year ban. He is free to represent athletes again.

Gatlin has been suspended twice for doping violations. He continues sprinting unabated.