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Team USA cancelled its pre-Olympic training camp in Japan due to coronavirus concerns, despite recent successful test events that took place in Tokyo and Sapporo.

Tokyo continues to be in a state of emergency, with just over two months to go before the start of the Games on July 23.

The athletes were due to train in Chiba, Japan, however, the government is concerned over athlete safety.

Recently towns throughout Japan that were slated to host athletes for the Tokyo Olympic Games have pulled out due to concerns about the pandemic, according to the Associated Free Press.

Over 500 municipalities had signed up to host athletes, however, many are now backing out as athletes will not be able to interact with locals, or attend events in the community due to the coronavirus pandemic. The idea was to broaden the reach of the Olympic Games beyond the city of Tokyo.

Yesterday, Athletics Illustrated reported that International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has delayed his pre-Olympic trip to Japan. Meanwhile, there is a Change.org petition attempting to be a voice to cancel the Games, an impossibility says some.

Sapporo did, however, host a successful test event on the roads for the Olympic marathon and racewalks. Additionally, Tokyo stadium held an equally successful test track and field meet. Elsewhere in the city, a diving test event was held without issue.

Japan is apparently experiencing a surge of new cases, however, remains 37th on the list of nations in terms of the total number of cases at 651,702 and a very low number of cases per one million per capita at 5,166, according to www.worldometers.com.

Pfizer and the IOC reached a deal where all athletes and delegates will be offered vaccinations prior to the Games.