The governing body of the sport of athletics is taking the right direction in first banning Russia or the All-Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF) from competing until they demonstrate that they have followed certain criteria. There apparently is no time line to fulfill the obligation as set by the IAAF.

Here the first part of the IAAF Taskforce Terms of Reference governing the suspension:

The Terms of Reference of the IAAF Taskforce, which include the Reinstatement Conditions and Verification Criteria concerning the suspended IAAF Member Federation the All-Russia Athletic Federation (ARAF), have been sent to ARAF and can be downloaded here.

The Terms of Reference were approved by the IAAF Taskforce in consultation with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and with the agreement of IAAF President Sebastian Coe.

“The conditions we have announced leave no room for doubt. Russia must demonstrate verifiable change across a range of criteria and satisfy our taskforce that those criteria will be met permanently. There is no timeline for Russia to implement verifiable change both in anti-doping practise and culture,” commented Sebastian Coe.

Reinstatement Conditions

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In January of 2015, Athletics Illustrated wrote an open letter to the IAAF, titled: Ban Russia Now.

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