With more than three weeks to go until the registration deadline, the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2024 has surpassed 18,000 registrations. A number that Barcelona’s Marathon has not reached since 2017 and that still has room for growth, as there are 25 days left until the closure of the registrations.

It should be added that, once the 34th eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks will have been celebrated this weekend with more than 28,000 participants, the organization expects an increase of registrations for the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2024 that will reach 20,000 registrations, taking into account that the record of participation of this race was set in 2016 with 20,385 runners. The argument that this increase could be materialized is based on the following fact: the registration data of the last four years shows that, after the celebration of the Half-Marathon of Barcelona, an average of 1,500 runners are registered for the 42,195km Barcelona’s race.

The Zurich Marató Barcelona, the Spanish marathon that grew the most last year

In 2023, Barcelona regained second place in the ranking of the best marathons in Spain, to the detriment of Seville. The Zurich Marató Barcelona was the Spanish marathon that grew the most last year, with 5,443 more participants, according to the report of marathons in Spain in 2023 prepared by Maratones España.

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