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The odds on an athlete named Tom taking the win would have been interesting for the oddsmakers as four of the top five finishers were indeed named Tom or Thomas. Interrupting the flow of Toms was a Seattle-based runner named Turner.

The Toms ran a very fast first kilometre given the large downhill start. If there was a timing mat at km 1, it may have shown sub-2:30.

Thomas Fafard, Thomas BroatchThomas Nobbs and Tom Anderson of Great Britain as well as Turner Wiley of Seattle formed a lead pack after the first km. They worked together with Christian Gravel, Simon Bérubé and Chris Taylor. The course settles and becomes gently rolling for 9km. For anyone wishing to run a fast time, it all comes from the first km, then executing the bridges (Burrard and Cambie) and the turns well.

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