Shigeharu Hisamatsu, 64, a former executive with ADK Holdings and his assistant Toshiaki Tada were handed the sentences Friday by Tokyo District Court.

The two have been given suspended prison sentences, during the latest convictions to do with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games scandal.

Hisamatsu was an executive with ADK, an advertising agency, and was given an 18-month sentence. He is also suspended for three years. Tada was given a one-year sentence and was also suspended for three years.

In April, Hironori Aoki, former chairman of Aoki Holdings, a clothing company, was given a two-and-a-half year prison sentence, suspended for four years, for paying Takahashi $209,000 USD in exchange for a contract for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Also, his brother Takahisa Aoki, an ex-vice chairman at Aoki Holdings, and former executive director Katsuhisa Ueda were sentenced to 12 and 18 months in jail, suspended for three years.