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Two-time Olympic triple jumper Ana Lucia José Tima of the Dominican Republic has been suspended for a term of three years for doping.

On Wednesday, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), said that José Tima was disqualified from all results dating back to January 2022 including her 10th place at the 2022 Eugene World Athletics Championships.

The 33-year-old is suspended until January 2025.

She tested positive during an out-of-competition test in Nov. 2022 for ostarine, which promotes muscle growth and acts similarly to anabolic steroids. The substance GW501516 failed medical trials in 2012. She falsely claimed that the medication that she took around the date and after knee surgery caused a positive result.

At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games she did not advance from qualifying into the triple jump final.

Her personal best was 14.52 metres from the 2022 World Championships which may now be removed — it is a national record. José Tima was given three years instead of four for cooperating.