track-meetThe University of British Columbia Thunderbirds will be hosting their annual UBC Open on March 25th and 26th, at the Rashpal Dhillon Track and Field Oval.

The events being offered for competitoin are: 100m*, 200m*, 400m*, 800m*, 1500*m, 10,000m, 2000mSC (W), 3000mSC, 5000m RW, 15k/10k RW, 100mH, 110mH, 400mH, 4×100*, 4×400*, 4×800, LJ*, HJ*, TJ, PV, SP*, JAV*, DT,

Heptathlon (W), Decathlon (M)

Race Walks, 10K all combined. * Included in Achilles Cup, but the race is open to all.

Entries: Only online entries (direct athletics) will be accepted.

Entry fee: The first event is $US10.50 each time you sign on, additional events are US$6.50 as long as entered at the same sign on, including relays, and are payable by credit card.

Team Fee Option: US$130.00/gender when paid online, CAN$185.00/gender by cheque to UBC Athletics. All entries done on line at Direct Athletics.

Entry deadline is March 21st, 2016 at 11:59pm. There will be a limited late fee after March 21st – $20 per event. Accepted on competition day at the track.

All athletes entering this meet must have a current BC Athletics membership, or equivalent, from another province or country.

Check-in Procedures:

All TRACK athletes are to check in at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their event at the check-in table.

All FIELD athletes are to check in at their event 30 minutes prior to the start of their event.

Technical Notes:

Throwing Implements – Please note that personal throwing implements must be weighed at least 60 minutes before event starts. This will be located in the equipment container. Age-group athletes may use the implements required for their age, but must provide their own and have them weighed in.

Track Events – Efforts will be made to include all “Achilles Cup” athletes in the same heats. “Open” athletes will be inserted into those heats where possible but may end up in “Open” only heats. Hurdle heights will be set at “open” heights only.

Field Events – At least two “Achilles Cup” athletes from each team will advance to finals in throws and horizontal jumps. Eight athletes will advance to finals plus any “Open” athletes outside the top eight who are displaced by an inferior mark by any of the “Achilles Cup” athletes.

Contact: John Hawkins (778) 837-7076



Friday Track Schedule:

11:00am – Women’s 2000mSC 1:40pm – Men’s 400m*

11:30am – Women’s 200m* 1:50pm – Women’s 800m*

11:45am – Men’s 200m* 2:00pm


Friday Track Schedule
11:00 Women’s 2000msc 1:40 Men’s 400m*
11:30 Women’s 200m* 1:50 Women’s 800m*
11:45 Men’s 200m* 2:00 Men’s 800m*
12:00 Heptathlon 100mH 2:10 Women’s 100m*
12:10PM Women’s 1500m* 2:30 Men’s 100m*
12:20 Men’s 1500m* 2:50 Women’s 4 x 400m*
12:30 Decathlon 100m 3:00 Men’s 4 x 400m*
12:40 Women’s 4 x 100m* 3:10 Mixed 10,000m
12:50 Men’s 4 x 100m* 3:55 Women’s 100mH
1:00 Mixed 5K Race Walk 4:05 Men’s 110mH
1:25 Ave Alumni 4:15 Heptathlon 200m
1:30 Women’s 400m* 4:25 Decathlon 400m
Friday Field Schedule      
11:30 Women’s JT* 2:15 Decathlon/Open Men’s SP*
11:30 Men’s HJ* 2:30 Men’s TJ
11:30 Women’s LJ* 2:30 Men’s DT
12:30 Women’s HJ* 2:45 Hepathlon/Open Women’s SP*
12:30 Men’s JT* 3:00 Decathlon HJ
12:30 Men’s LJ* 3:30 Women’s TJ
1:30 Decathlon LJ
1:30 Heptathlon HJ
1:30 Women’s DT
Saturday Track Schedule      
10:00am Decathlon 110mH 12:40pm Mixed 15K/10K Race Walk
10:45 Women’s 3000msc 1:45 Decathlon 1500m
11:30 Men’s 3000msc 2:00 Women’s 400mH
11:45 Olympic Dev. 200m 2:15 Men’s 400mH
12:00 Olympic Dev. 400m 2:20 Women’s 4 x 800m
12:15 Olympic Dev. 100m 2:30 Men’s 4 x 800m
12:30 Heptathlon 800m
                        Saturday Field Schedule      
10:00am Mixed PV 11:45 Decathlon PV
10:30 Decathlon Discus 11:45 Heptathlon JT
11:00 Hepthathlon LJ 1:00pm Decathlon JT

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