Apparently, UK Athletics’ money woes are starting to hit home as the national sporting organization (NSO) prepares to trim staff. Approximately 100 staff will no longer be employed by the NSO as of October 14. 

Their broadcasting revenue has shrunk due to the lack of a competition schedule as a result of social distancing protocols around the coronavirus pandemic.

Talks with the British Broadcasting Corporation continue and apparently talks are also ongoing with two other broadcasters. All revenues will be reduced greatly. UKA CEO Joanna Coates said that they could be forced to postpone one or two of the Diamond League meets in Gateshead and or London.

Coates notified staff that cuts are to be expected. She said, “This announcement today is difficult news for some but also essential for the health of the sport moving forwards.”

This isn’t the first time that the organization has faced financial trouble. In 1997, UKA faced going bankrupt. The “100 or so staff” could mean approximately 25 per cent of staff could be axed.