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Ukraine may boycott the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. This is due to the decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to allow Russian athletes to compete.

Ukraine’s Minister of Youth and Sport, Matviy Bidnyi, said “Ukraine may not take part in the Games if Russian athletes are allowed to compete in Paris.” He also announced that Ukraine would await the IOC’s decision on the “arguments and appeals,” process, which has been submitted.

“First of all, we are not using the word boycott as such. We are saying that this is our position. We will not take part in the competition if athletes who support Russian aggression are allowed to participate. This is a matter of principle for us,” Bidnyi said.

But how to monitor the athletes who may support the Russian attack could be impossible, if they simply say nothing during the Games.

On December 8, the IOC removed the option of banning Russian athletes from Paris, which has caused Ukraine to seriously consider the boycott.

The IOC claims to want to find a balance to avoid a Ukraine boycott.

Since the illegal attack began, IOC president Thomas Bach has waffled on his position regarding Russia.

Vadim Guttsait, the president of the Ukraine National Olympic Committee said, “Work is currently underway on further possible steps and first steps to continue sanctions and prevent Russians and Belarusians from international competitions.”

“If we are not heard, I do not rule out the possibility that we will boycott and refuse participation in the Olympics,” he wrote on Facebook.

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