Lots of news…..

The Vancouver Island Race Series is back to eight road races for the 2023 season.

For the pandemic era, we had two virtual years. For 2022, the series included six races while the Port Alberni 15K and Nanaimo Cedar 12K took a continued pandemic break.

They are thrilled to be back and we are thrilled to have them.

Start of 2018 Cobble Hill 10K. Photo credit: Lois DoEll.

Here is what we are working on…

The 42-year-long running Vancouver Island Race Series is getting a new website. The site will be chock-a-block full with new content to inform you about races, routes, race videos, images, stories and details about past and current results.

Results will be sorted by time, as usual, but also in five-year age-groups, age grading, points performance and more.

Teams and club competition: You are going to be able to gather your coworkers, or run club, clinic mates, sports team to be a team in the series and compete (not just fastest, there will be other categories).

What you need to do: Rally at least four other teammates. Register for the series as a team. You will be asked the name of your team if you don’t have one, you can choose “unattached.” Members of your team will need to race at least four times over the course of the series, with one race being longer than 10K in distance — have a blast!

Team with most points win, but there will be other categories announced soon.

Series registration will be available at the Royal Victoria Marathon Expo. If you register there, we have a draw for a pair of Saucony running shoes courtesy of series sponsor Frontrunners Footwear, plus you get early registration pricing which is limited to the first 150 people.

2020 pricing….The 2023 Island Series is offering 2020 pricing. Sure, everything else has gone up, but not our pricing. We have eight, well-oranized, fun and exciting races that are perfect for all abilities from absolute beginners to Olympic champions and everyone in between. Ages: 5-99.

TC10K: The Vancouver Island Race Series is the perfect practice environment to prepare you for the TC10K. By the time you get to the TC10K you will be fit, fast and will find the distance easy.

Thetis Lake Triple: If you want to pick and choose your individual races within the series, you can do that. See you at the Thetis Lake Relays on Nov. 11 at the main beach. We will launch individual entries that day. If you haven’t heard of the Thetis Lake Relays, it requires a four-person team. Well, or you can run twice and have a two-person team or if you are really eager, run the whole four-lap, near-20K race on your own.

Questions: Email General Manager Christopher Kelsall and fire away: info@islandseries.org.

Enjoy your Royal Victoria Marathon, Half-Marathon and 8K clinics, you are in great hands with Mariah Kelly and team.

Start of the 2022 Harriers Pioneer 8K. Photo credit: Joseph Camilleri


Sure, we have more to tell you. We are getting a new brand. New website, and adding some new ideas (behind the scenes) stay tuned and visit us on social media to keep up to date:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IslandRaceSeries

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