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The Victoria Track Classic track meet that takes place each year at the University of Victoria’s Centennial Stadium has been cancelled for the proposed date of Thursday, June 8th date. In its place is a smaller more focussed event.

It was decided by the board of directors who manage the event in a vote earlier this week to postpone the event for one year.

The Track Classic is part of the National Track League, which has seen cancellations in recent years from other cities. Also out this year is the Edmonton Track Classic.

“It is with deep regret that we postpone the Track Classic. It is a staple for the community and an opportunity to showcase our local, elite track athletes, Olympians and future Olympians as well as some of the best from around the world,” said Chris Siver, President of VIRS. “We feel we had no choice as confirmation of funding from various sources was either not approved or too precarious for us to be able to ask the athletes we serve to make a commitment to us this year.”

In its place, VIRS will be hosting a more focussed event in place of the Track Classic on June 8th to ensure that high-performance athletes across the province will have the opportunity to compete in their hometown and province and VIRS looks forward to producing an excellent and exciting Track Classic in 2018 and for many years to come.

For runners seeking to run on the track this season, the Christie-Phoenix Insurance Victoria Track Series will start in late May and run through late June. Details continue to evolve. Season Passes and single event entry are available.

The Christie-Phoenix Insurance Victoria Track Series is entering its eighth year. The series is available for runner of all abilities including kids and beginner adults.