Vancouver’s Leah Pells, who now resides in the suburb of Coquitlam, ran from a very early age and enjoyed it as a sport and as a form of escapism. It was perhaps a form a therapy. Her love of running turned into an international career.

At one point she was ranked as high as fourth in the world in the 1500m distance and had achieved a fourth place finish during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Games final. She also competed in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and 2000 Sydney Games, plus competed in six IAAF World Track and Field Championships and won silver in the 1999 Pan American Games.

Today she holds two degrees in Psychology and Education and has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology. She teaches full time and operates her own practise named is Karuna Counselling. Below she remembers the Victoria Commonwealth Games and Centennial Stadium.

Personal Bests:

1500m – 4:03.56
Mile – 4:23.28
3000m – 9:10.10

CK: Currently you are a teacher and at the same time you are now running your own practice, utilising your Master’s degree, yes?

LP: This is correct. I teach full time at CABE in Coquitlam, which is an alternative secondary school. I love teaching and I learn so much each day from the amazing kids I have the pleasure to work with. I have also finished my Masters in counselling psychology at UBC. I’m a registered clinical counsellor now. So I have a private practice as well. What I love about the counselling program is that it is helping me to be a better listener and communicator and that is great for all areas of life.

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