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On Saturday, July 22, two-time Olympian Natasha Wodak conducted one of her final, critical workouts before the Budapest World Athletics Championships. The marathon was exactly five weeks away.

Also in the session were Scottish runner Sarah Inglis, and locals Jackson Bocksnick, Nick Walker, Jim Finlayson, and Ron Loewen. Coach Trent Stellingwerff was riding along on his bike, providing support. University of Victoria Vikes head coach Hilary Stellingwerff was also assisting.

The purpose of the session was to run 3 x 5K at marathon pace, which is 3:30/km or a little faster. In between each 5K effort were floats paced at approximately 4:30/km. Additionally, the athletes practiced grabbing water bottles at speed. The session turned out to be better than the same one performed in 2022 before Wodak broke the Canadian marathon record in Berlin at 2:23:12.


    5K warm-up5K effort5K recovery5K effort5K recovery5K effort7K warm-down

    Graph from Strava

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