Three-time USATF 200 champion Wallace Spearmon set the question mark key alight on social media eight days ago when he tweeted, “In about a week I’ll make a statement that will disappoint quite a few people. I apologize in advance. Irresponsible moments.” Today the topic of that statement has been revealed. Spearmon has received a 3-month suspension from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for a positive test for the corticosteroid Methylprednisolone “administered by his physician in a medical setting.”

The adverse result came in a doping sample collected at the Edmonton International Classic meet on July 6, where Spearmon ran 3rd in the 200.

Spearmon’s ban began on August 27 and will end in November on Thanksgiving. Additionally, per USADA, Spearmon’s Edmonton result plus all subsequent competition results, “medals, points and prizes” have been forfeited.

Those are the bare facts. Spearmon—a two-time Olympian and winner of four outdoor Worlds medals including a relay gold in ’07— told T&FN in a telephone conversation on Monday, “I was not trying to cheat, I made a mistake.”

The sprinter went on to say, “I want to do this in a different way than it’s been done [by other athletes who have tested positive]. People have had this happen but you never hear [any details] about it so there’s only room for speculation. I want to put as much information out there as I can. In my mind that would leave less room for minds to wonder.”

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