Which logo do you feel would be the best one to wear on a racing singlet?

The racing team is a pilot to happen on Vancouver Island for one year. The team may grow out of the geographical area if there is success. This is primarily a road and trail team. Elite athletes are more than welcome, however, the team is for any enthusiastic runner, who enjoys training and racing and doing well in their respective age group and gender. Running with at least three male and three female competitors for one year.

More to come on this soon, however, let’s hear from you on logo design. email info@athleticsillustrated.com win swag.

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Paws to reflect and tell us what you think of this and the next two logo designs — thanks so much.
The runner in this one will be facing the other direction…..like the standard Athletics Illustrated logo.
Wings of Mercury, the Greek god that you see so much of in running and even non-running logo design. What do you think, Panther paw and wings, too much?