Athletics Canada – Press release

Like so many other events, seminars, or conventions, the Women’s Running Summit has gone virtual in its third year.
While pandemic restrictions have made other such gatherings smaller than usual, Geneviève Lalonde wants everyone to know that they are welcome and invited.


“We see events and it might be elite athletes, or it might be recreational runners, but we don’t usually see everyone together,” Lalonde said. “What I’m looking forward to the most is seeing smiling faces, not just in New Brunswick but from across the country.” 

Created in New Brunswick to support women runners at every level of the province, the new virtual environment means women from anywhere, of any age and any level of participation can be a part of a summit that really has one goal: inspiring women to run.

“Whether you’re training for the Olympics or you’re running your first 5K, you’re still setting a goal. It might be kind of hard to believe, but we’re all feeling a lot of the same emotions,” said Lalonde. “If the Summit helps inspire women to run a little more, that’s great.”

The Women’s Running Summit was launched in 2018 with the support of Athletics New Brunswick and Run NB. As one of the few Olympic athletes from the province, Lalonde helped create the event to give back, to offer her experience and mentorship to the runners from her home province.

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