World Anti-Doping Agency to conduct targeted testing


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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) now admits that the Coronavirus pandemic may have caused reduced confidence in the anti-doping process. They wrote a communique to athletes that they are “monitoring closely where levels of testing have been reduced altogether and is in close communication with Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) to work together to find the best ways to be effective during this period.”

Testing only where most appropriate was recommended.

However, they assured athletes that they will conduct additional targeted testing to plug gaps in the system caused by the pandemic and distancing.

All of this stems from athletes raising concerns that cheaters will look at the social distancing as an opportunity to cheat.

WADA said that there is “significantly less training being carried out and significantly fewer competition s taking place.”

The former may not be true, as surely this time might be an opportunity for cheaters, it is also a time to build a strong base of fitness, especially for endurance athletes.

“Therefore, the agency will continue to keep a close eye on developments so that we can continue to work collaboratively with Anti-Doping Organisations to strike the appropriate balance between the protection of health and that of sport during these challenging times.”

Health authorities around the world have suggested that no mass gatherings happen again until there is a vaccine readily available for mass usage, which may take until summer 2021 to happen.

According to globally there have been 5,731,452 cases of Coronavirus, which has resulted in a reported 353,820 deaths. The good news is 2,462,612 have recovered. ></a>

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