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World Athletics has published a set of health and safety guidelines for meet organisers as the Covid-19 pandemic social distancing rules are slowly eased.

The guidelines were written by the governing body’s health and science department.

They recommend that organisers undertake a four-point risk assessment for all who will attend. Should someone score at least two, they will need to undergo a medical clearance to attend the facility.

With transit, passengers must wear masks at all times along with other measures.

Staff and authorised personnel will be given access to the meet if they are wearing a face mask and in possession of personal hand sanitiser.

Everyone in the stadium will need to wear masks except for athletes during the warmup and competition.

The guidelines include specific instructions for each discipline.

The document is dynamic and will be updated as more scientific information is made available.

SHOESTRINGS: Or perhaps the mini-article located under the main article named Shoestrings, in this case, should be called Handwraps or something. A new precedent may have been set to clear some female athletes from doping charges. American boxer Virginia Fuchs tested positive in an out-of-competition test for letrozole metabolite and GW1516 metabolites in February.

After a thorough examination of the case, she was cleared from being suspended due to having received the metabolites from having sex with her partner.

Fuchs’ male partner was using therapeutic doses of letrozole and GW1516.