World Athletics will be lending the Wanda Diamond League $2-million (USD), which is expected to be repaid in 2025.

The payments to the Diamond League are scheduled to happen in March of 2023 and March of 2024. According to Inside the Games, a financial report from World Athletics indicated the line item.

The Diamond League is the top-rung athletes series in the world. There are typical 12-14 meets that take place throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. The season finale is a two-day league championship that takes place in Switzerland.

Twelve meetings from May to September ran in 2022. All led to one final in Zurich.

All 32 champions were crowned during the two-day event, where Diamond trophies, top $30,000 prizes and wildcard entries to the World Athletics Championships Budapest ’23 were all up for grabs.

Inside the Games added that “the new accounts also confirmed that a $7.5 million (£6.6 million/€7.5 million) loan received from the International Olympic Committee to take care of cash flow concerns arising from the postponement of Tokyo 2020 has been reimbursed.

Receipt of athletics’ delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympic dividend played a big part in propelling World Athletics to an annual profit for 2021 of $29.8 million (£26.1 million/€29.8 million).

Year-end cash rose from $40 million (£35 million/€40 million) to $53.6 million (£47 million/€53.5 million).”