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German to English Translation:

Two top athletes from the Kenyan national team for Doha have been treated with the drug EPO shortly before the World Championships. As the ZDF Sportreportage reports on Sunday, it is a male and a female athlete who were filmed with a hidden camera as they were injected Epo directly into the vein.

A physician who wanted to remain anonymous confirmed to the ZDF: “Noone dopes just before the race or an important competition, here they use the Epo in training. Of the current national team, I had 8 runners with me alone, 8 in number.”

The National Athletics Association “Athletics Kenya” commented on this on ZDF, Barnabas Korir, a member of the executive said: “We make sure that our national team follows the rules. With this team we spoke even more intensively, held seminars with him, explained all international regulations to them and tested them several times. The athletes know the consequences: if one has doped, he is thrown out of the team and never wears the national colors of Kenya again. ”

But the ZDF reports that there are supposed to be corrupt machinations in Kenya between “Athletics Kenya” and the national anti-doping agency ADAK. As a former ADAK employee on ZDF explains: “They hide results from various athletes, so that an athlete can not be banned. Athletics Kenya and ADAK work together and make money from it. The athletes or their managers have to pay for it.”  The ZDF has official documents from the national athletics association, in which a high-ranking employee writes to a well-known athletics manager: “Both the (female) athlete’s A and B tests are positive. Please let us meet as soon as possible to discuss this.” Another document states, “The association has the ability to ensure the freedom of a suspended athlete, and we work with relevant authorities.”

The International Athletics Federation IAAF is alarmed, the head of the Athletics Intergrity Unit (AIU) of the World Association Brett Clothier says on ZDF: “These are very serious allegations and we are not so naive to say, such problems and corruption do not exist in Kenya. We are always open to informations and try to investigate these allegations.” And Clothier goes even further on ZDF, threatens Kenya with a complete suspension: “There are 5 so-called category A countries, that is, in these countries there are intense doping problems and therefore They have very strict rules and regulations from our side that they have to comply with. Kenya is one of them and if you do not comply with these regulations, then the World Federation with its executive can completely suspend the country.”

Summary (walk-through) of the video

Quick interview with a couple of officials who say they are certain everybody on the team is clean

An interview with a physician, who’s identity is hidden and wants to stay anonymous.

Some stars on the team are his clients. The physician says they dope so that they can train harder, but do not right before races. Eight of the current national team members are among his clients.  (They do not specifically say that he is giving them EPO, but it’s implied.)

Switch to Eldoret, Kenya where they say you can buy doping materials in many pharmacies and have it administered right there.  Then they show hidden camera footage of a person (blurred faced) getting EPO, with dialog between the two people saying it is “EPO Fit”.

They claim it is an athlete from the national team for Doha, three weeks before the championship.  Then cuts to a second blurred out person, claimed to be a woman from the Doha team (same day).  Check out the video starting at 2:05.

Then the video cuts to a conversation with Brett Clothier on Skype.  Besides what’s quoted above, he says that they know that EPO is widespread in Kenya and everybody knows how to use it.

More interviews with Kenyan officials; as per translation above.

Then they talk about the “machinations” described above, including another interview with somebody who wants to remain anonymous.

Direct quote of the commentator right after that interview: “Serious allegations if it is true.”

Then a copy of that email mentioned in the translation below is shown.

Second letter shown:

They tried to talk to the Federation and ADAK, but nobody wants to talk to them; written questions are not answered.

Some more general commentary that nothing changed in spite of the IAAF financing a lab in Kenya, and more of the interview with Clothier.

The final summary is that it’s not clear in Kenya who is the victim and who is the wrongdoer or offender: athletes, coaches, officials; and that the doubt will be “constantly running with them” in Doha.

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