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Renato Canova, Arthur Lydiard Roundtable – Champions Everywhere

Are Canova and Lydiard essentially based on the same underlying principles? Colin Livingstone: Canova is singing out of the same hymn sheet but does not...

The Power of the Foot

© Copyright - 2011- Athletics Illustrated One of the most over-looked pieces of the training puzzle by runners that compete over a range of distances...

Cross-country Respect – Where is it?

© Copyright - 2008 - Athletics Illustrated Frankly, it surprises me to no end why women are not waving their collective fists in the air,...

Book Review: Healthy Intelligent Training – by Keith Livingstone

Purchase this book here>> © Copyright – 2009 – Athletics Illustrated The Arthur Lydiard Phenomenon - A method of any other way could only be of...
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