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Athletics Illustrated initially reported that it cost the state of Victoria $380 million AUS to cancel the 2026 Commonwealth Games. Premier Daniel Andrews, is responsible for the massive bill that bought nothing for $380 million AUS. Pressure to reveal what the actual spending was has mounted.

Figures were determined by a bipartisan Parliamentary Committee, which called on the State Government to release details of the spending — it’s gauche.

As predicted by Athletics Illustrated and denied by Premier Daniel Andrews, his political career crashed and burned after his decision to cancel the 2026 Games.

Andrews stepped down as Premier of the state of Victoria effective Monday, October 2 at 5:00 PM. He made his announcement from Melbourne on the Friday before.

According to the publication Inside the Games, it was revealed today in documents tendered as part of a submission to an inquiry into the cancellation of the Games that approximately AUD$21.6 million (£11.2 million/$13.7 million/€13.1 million) was paid on consulting fees associated with the Athletes Village.

That is, despite Development Victoria having an allocated budget of just AUD$1.02 million (£531,000/$646,000/€614,000) for consultations.

Civil engineering designs were the costliest portion of the fees at AUD$5.8 million (£3 million/$3.7 million/€3.5 million) followed by cultural heritage management at AUD$1.9 million (£989,000/$1.2 million/€1.1 million) and architectural services at AUD$2 million (£1 million/$1.3 million/€1.2 million).

There was also AUD$1.2 million (£625,000/$760,000/€723,000) spent on a commercial adviser and AUD$567,000 (£295,000/$359,000/€341,000) on town planning.

There was more.

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