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Alberto Salazar’s appeal against the four-year ban is set to be heard Thursday, March 4 at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

The case was due to be heard by the CAS in November but due to the coronavirus pandemic protocals was delayed. Dr. Jeffrey Stuart Brown is also implicated in the allegations of doping.

Their process will run until at least March 12. 

The two were given four-year suspensions in 2019 after a long and exhaustive investigation that was conducted by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Salazar was the head coach of the Nike Oregon Project (NOP), which was folded by Nike in 2019, however, the company continues to support him and Brown the medical advisor to NOP and Salazar.

Salazar was banned for allegedly orchestrating and facilitating prohibited doping conduct. 

USADA alleges that the 62-year-old former athlete prescribed or supplied performance-enhancing drugs, for example, testosterone to his athletes he coached. He coached many well-known athletes including Kara Goucher, Mo Farah, Cameron Levins, Mary Cain, Galen Rupp, and Jordan Hasay to name a few.

Goucher and Assistant Coach Steve Magness testified in an investigative piece by BBC Panorama Pro Publica about alleged micro-dosing of testosterone and prednisone. Brown and Salazar deny all allegations and with Nike’s support vowed to appeal the decision.