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Mark Bomba interview: coaching, racing, and education

© Copyright – 2011 - Athletics Illustrated Three-time Canadian national champion Mark Bomba joined Trinity Western University as the team’s endurance director in April of...

The Ryan Hall interview: marathons, fly fishing and record-setting runs

© Copyright – 2009 – Athletics Illustrated I remember watching Ryan Hall race the 2008 Beijing Olympic Marathon and thinking that he seemed to be...

Lorraine Moller Interview

© Copyright - 2008 - Athletics Illustrated Phidippides, the Athenian foot-messenger left a legacy that grows greater each year and is propagated by the millions...

Keith Livingstone Interview

© Copyright - 2009 - Athletics Illustrated Keith Livingstone from New Zealand recently published a new book about an old training method, written in today’s...

Greg McMillan Interview: Brett Gotcher’s 2:10:36 marathon debut preparations

© Copyright – 2010 - Athletics Illustrated Greg McMillan who operates adidas-McMillanElite in Flagstaff, Arizona — a post-collegiate training group for runners — is seeing...

Nobuya “Nobby” Hashizume Interview

© Copyright - 2008 - Athletics Illustrated The legend and the legacy of Arthur Lydiard is alive and well. Perhaps the method he developed over...

The Rod Dixon Interview

The Rod Dixon interview by Christopher Kelsall of Athletics Illustrated

The Sir Richard Branson Interview

© Copyright - 2008 - Athletics Illustrated Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur, adventurer and founder of the Virgin Group of companies, is delighted to be a...
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