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Junior Development Events; Integrated* High School / Club Events; Open/Master Events

High School Team aggregate scores will be compiled to award a BOYS, GIRLS, and OVERALL Percy Williams Cup

Saturday, March 12, 2016

JD (BORN 2007-2006-2005-2004-2003) One-year Divisions

High School Juvenile (Gr 8&9) / Club Midget (BORN 2002 or 2001) Integrated Division

High School Senior (Gr 10-12) / Club Junior (BORN 2000-1997) Integrated Division

Open / Masters Integrated Division (Exception: 60m & 60mH)

This is the sixth year that this event offers the opportunity to compete on the indoor track and field complex at the Richmond Olympic Oval.  The facility accommodates a level, 5-lane, 200 metre oval running track plus room for shot put and high jump.  In addition, a separate 100m straightaway offers a safe, 5-lane environment for up to 60m sprint

and 60m hurdles events.

Co-sponsors:  The Richmond Kajaks Track & Field Club and

The Achilles International Track & Field Society

Location:          Richmond Olympic Oval ~ 6111 River Road, Richmond, BC

Events: JD (born 2007-2003): 60m – 600m – 4X200m Mixed Relay (2G/2B – JD only)

                        Juvenile HS / Midget Club; Senior HS / Senior HS / Junior Club; Open / Masters:

                        60m – 60mH – 200m – 400m – 800m – 1200m*/1500m – 4x200m Relay – HJ – SP

* 1200m is the offered distance event for Juvenile HS / Midget Club Division


Awards:            Trophy to High School with the highest total points in Boys, in Girls, and overall

                          Medals to top 3 finishers in each event.  Awards for best individual performance in Juv HS / Midget Club                                     W/M; Sr HS / Junior Club W/M; Masters W/M; Open W/M


Entry Fees:       $17.50 per person per event; $35.00 per relay team

Large Team Entry Fee Ceiling:  $400 per gender team.

                        Entries open Feb 10 and close midnight, Friday, Mar 4 – Go to:                                                                                     



~ at February 14, 2016 ~

Oval Track – Finals (field) or Sectioned-Finals (track) Straightaway
9:45 HS Jv/Cl Mid W 60mH-Prelim
10:00 All HS/Open/Mstr M Shot Put Final 9:50 HS Jv/Cl Mid M 60mH-Prelim
10:00 HS Juv/Club Mid W 400m 9:55 HS Sr/Cl Jr W 60mH-Prelim
10:10 HS Juv/Club Mid M 400m 10:00 HS Sr/Cl Jr M 60mH-Prelim
10:20 HS Sr/Club Jr W 400m 10:05 Open/Mstr W 60mH-Prelim
10:30 HS Sr/Club Jr M 400m 10:10 Open/Mstr M 60mH-Prelim
10:40 Open/Mstr W 400m
10:50 Open/Mstr M 400m 10:30 HS Jv/Cl Mid W 60mH Final
11:00 HS Juv/Club Mid W 1200m 10:35 HS Jv/Cl Mid M 60mH Final
11:10 HS Juv/Club Mid M 1200m 10:40 HS Sr/Cl Jr W 60mH Final
11:20 HS Sr/Club Jr W 1500m 10:45 HS Sr/Cl Jr M 60mH Final
10:50 Open/Mstr W 60mH Final
11:30 All HS/Open/Mstr W Shot Put Final 10:55 Open/Mstr M 60mH Final
11:30 HS Sr/Club Jr M 1500m
11:40 Open/Mstr W 1500m
11:50 Open/Mstr M 1500m 11:00 JD 2004-03 G-B 60m-Sect Final
12:00 Track Oval Closed for 60m OM 11:15 JD 2007-05 G-B 60m-Sect Final
12:20 JD 2007-2003 G-B 600m 11:30 HS Sr/Cl Y W 60m-Prelim
11:45 HS Sr/Cl Y M 60m-Prelim
1:00 All HS/Open/Mstr W High Jump Final 12:00 Open/Mstr M 60m-Prelim
1:00 HS Juv/Club Mid W 200m 12:15 Open/Mstr W 60m-Prelim
1:15 HS Juv/Club Mid M 200m 12:30 HS Jv/Cl Mid W 60m-Prelim
12:45 HS Jv/Cl Mid M 60m-Prelim
1:30 JD 2007-2003 G/B 4x200MixedRelay      
2:10 Track Oval Closed for 60m OM
2:20 HS Sr/Club Jr W 200m 1:30 HS Sr/Cl Jr W 60m Final
2:35 HS Sr/Club Jr M 200m 1:35 HS Sr/Cl Jr M 60m Final
2:50 Open/Mstr W 200m 1:40 Open W 60m Final-B
1:45 Open W 60m Final-A
3:00 All HS/Open/Mstr M High Jump Final 2:10 Open M 60m Final-B
3:05 Open/Mstr M 200m 2:15 Open M 60m Final-A
3:20 HS Juv/Club Mid W 800m 2:20 HS Jv/Cl Mid W 60m Final
3:30 HS Juv/Club Mid M 800m 2:25 HS Jv/Cl Mid M 60m Final
3:40 HS Sr/Club Jr W 800m 2:30 Masters W 60m-Final
3:50 HS Sr/Club Jr M 800m 2:40 Masters M 60m-Final
4:00 Open/Mstr W 800m
4:10 Open/Mstr M 800m
Final schedule will be posted

before 2:00pm Wednesday,

March 9 on


4:20 HS Juv/Club Mid W 4x200Relay
4:30 HS Juv/Club Mid M 4x200Relay
4:40 HS Sr/Club Jr W 4x200Relay
4:50 HS Sr/Club Jr M 4x200Relay
5:00 Open/Mstr W 4x200Relay
5:10 Open/Mstr M 4x200Relay


5:20     Awards:  Outstanding M/W Performance  ~  HS Juv/Club MID;   HS Sr/Club Jr;   Masters;   Open 


                                                  and  ~  PERCY WILLIAMS High School TROPHIES  (Boys; Girls; Overall)





BC Athletics Membership Requirements:

All participants in the meet must hold a 2016 BC Athletics or equivalent membership in order to take part in the meet. More information at:


Eligible memberships are:

  • 2016 Competitive BC Athletics membership
  • 2016 Competitive membership with another province or IAAF Federation
  • 2016 Team Roster membership with a 2016 BC Athletics affiliated Post Secondary Club
  • 2015/2016 BC Athletics School Club (Elementary through High School) membership

Elementary through High School aged athletes who are not with a 2015/2016 BC Athletics School Club are permitted to take out a $3.00 Day of Event membership in order to participate in the meet.  Note: Day of Event memberships are not permitted for any other age group.

For the latest meet and entry information check:

Important Changes & Reminders:

  • The 2016 Province Percy Williams Indoor Games replaces the Gran Forza and offers otherwise missing competition opportunities for both school and club athletes.
  • Entry fees have been restructured to reflect loss of corporate sponsorship. Details regarding the online entry process on Trackie are included later in this bulletin.
  • The meet will continue to incorporate the straightaway adjacent to the oval for all 60m and 60mHurdle events. Events will run simultaneously on both the oval and the straightaway.
  • Avoid time conflicts with events by reviewing this bulletin before completing entry applications.
  • The ordering of pin spikes has been integrated into the online event registration process at!
  • Awards for the outstanding individual performance in each division (HS Juvenile / Club Midget & older)

            Technical Notes:

  • Events for JD (born 2007-2003) Girls and Boys: 60m-600m-4x200m Mixed Relay(2G/2B).
  • ‘Masters-only’ sections of the 60m are available and integrated in suitable events.
  • Junior-aged (<20) not in high school and Masters-aged (35athletes may apply to compete in Open
  • Junior-aged athletes in high school may apply for entry in the high school division (high school Sr)
  • If there is only one 60m or 60mH heat in a division, it will be run as a final at the heat time.
  • JD divisions will run timed finals in the 60m.
  • Open Women and Open Men 60m B-finals will only be run if size of field warrants.
  • All athletes, especially relay team members, are encouraged to wear school or club jerseys during          their competition.
  • If spikes are worn, only the following pin spike will be allowed for use on the Pulastic flooring. Omni-Lite 5mm Ceramic Indoor Pyramid spike and Omni-Lite 7mm Ceramic Indoor Pyramid spike The use of any other type or longer length of spike is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.  Spikes may be purchased online for $7.00 per set at time of event registration.
  • The Track Zone starting blocks will be the only ones utilized.
  • We endeavor to ensure that the appropriate shot weights and sizes, and hurdle heights and spacing are available during the competition.


  • Specs for 60m Hurdles:
    • Age Classes: Midget Women/Men; Youth Women/Men; Junior Women/Men; Senior (Open) Women/Men; Masters Women/Men
  • Specs for Shot Put:
    • Age Classes: Midget Women/Men; Youth Women/Men; Junior Women/Men; Senior (Open) Women/Men; Masters Women/Men.  Throwing Implements are provided.
  • Start Lines & Staggers: (* = run on straightaway)
  • 60m*, 60mH*
  • 200m – 2-curve staggered start; run in lanes all the way
  • 400m – 3-curve staggered start; run in lanes all the way
  • 800m – 2-curve staggered start; break in after second curve
  • 1200m and 1500m – start on single or double curved line; break in when clear; 9 runners max
  • 4 x 200m Relay – 3-curve staggered start: first exchange on third curve; break in after third curve; 20m exchange zones

Entry Deadline:       Midnight, Friday, March 4

          Entry Process: 

  • All entries are entered online at
  • Please review carefully BC Athletics membership requirements
  • Relay Teams: When entering relay teams, all members must be identified by first selecting number of relay teams and then entering the names of members (section 2 of 3)
  • There are no refunds for scratches that occur after the entry deadline. Groups claiming the $400 cap must adjust their entry online for scratches up to Entry Deadline and be charged for extraordinary number of scratches after the deadline to time of on site payment of fees owing.
  • Technical meeting at 8:45 am on meet day is last opportunity to scratch from events

          Inquiries re Entries:  Direct your questions to:

          Start List and Final Schedule: 


                        First Start List 2:00 pm, Monday, March 7


                        Final Start List and Schedule of Events 2:00 pm, Wednesday, March 9


                   Posted on


          Seeding and Finals:

  • Athletes will be placed into sections or heats based on submitted best 2015 OUTDOOR                         performances.
  • All track events with the exception of the 60m, and 60m Hurdles are sectioned timed finals.

          Athlete Accreditation (Bibs) & Spectators:

  • Athlete and spectator access to the Track Zone is available after 8:30 am.
  • Registered athletes may pick up their numbers at the Athlete Check-in table at the main             entrance to the Oval from 8:00 am.
  • General Admission tickets: $5.00.   Children under 13 accompanied by an adult are free.

            Meet Program: after 2:00 pm on Monday, March 7

          Check-in Times & Locations:

  • Check-in for all Oval track and field events including all 60m or 60m hurdle events will be located at                         the northwest corner of the Track Zone (left end of the window wall). Check-in must occur no later than                              15 minutes before the posted start times.  The athlete control clerks will escort competitors to the start                                of their event when it is time.




  • Covered pay parking ($1.00 per hour) is available at the Oval. West Park is a multi-level parking lot with access off River Road just east of the Lobby entrance to the Oval and with 40 parking stalls available also at $1.00 per hour.  With large groups at special events (like ours) parking becomes quite limited. We suggest you plan ahead with car-pooling or drop off plans and also scout the area for other options.