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The Tori Bowie story is not over.

The former athlete, just 32, was found dead earlier this week. She was apparently seven to eight months pregnant. According to her neighbours, she appeared “quite pregnant.” When she was not seen for several days Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed deputies reported to her home to conduct a well-being check, as she had “not been seen or heard from in several days.”

During her most successful athletics year in 2019, it all came to an end when the Elite Athlete Training Center in California in January 2019 to train for the season ahead. She was denied entry to the building and told she would only be allowed entry if she settled an allegedly outstanding $6,000 payment.

She was a three-time Rio Olympic and three-time World Athletics Championships medallist in the 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m. She finished fourth in the long jump at the 2019 Doha World Championships.

Tori Bowie’s sister, Tamarra, shared a message discussing those with “the saddest souls” before the news of the Olympic track and field star’s death on Wednesday.

“People who pretend to be happy have some of the saddest souls and people who do not try to convince the world that they are happy have the most genuine souls, because they are content with just being them for them and nobody else,” Tamarra wrote in a Facebook post from Monday.