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World Athletics continues in its effort to grow the sport and better engage the fans who follow.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic decimated the event calendar this year; just when the world governing body was making headway. However, the pandemic has produced some unintended consequences.

“Our most important assets, our athletes, have communicated better and in a more personal way. We want to have greater connectivity with our athletes,” said Sebastion Coe, president of World Athletics, during the webinar named Athletics in the eyes of the media.

The mini meets dubbed the Garden Clash that took place earlier this summer were popular as were the Impossible Games in Oslo, Norway and the Inspiration Games which featured Andre de Grasse, Alyson Felix and Noah Lyles.

Additionally, the Night of the 10,000m PBs will be run again as part of the 2021 European 10,000m Cup.

World Athletics has partnered with the global phenomenon called Park Run, which was first developed in London, UK.

“The two will combine resources to grow the sport of athletics and deliver good health and fitness outcomes for communities around the world,” a World Athletics press release stated.

In addition to connecting better with athletes and the fans of the sport, World Athletics has undergone other significant changes including re-branding from the old name, International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), a mouthful that identified itself to be of governance over engagement.

World Athletics, led by Coe is also seeking to get cross-country into the Summer Olympic Games. Although a recent informal poll by Athletics Illustrated indicated from the four choices, of which readers would prefer cross-country in the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, Neither or Either, 60% chose Winter, 26% Summer, 10% Either and 4% Neither.