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Peruth Chemutai has just stunned the world with a gold medal victory in the 3,000-metre steeplechase final. The young Ugandan who was yet to medal in a major global competition ran a smart, tactical, and patient race to eventually triumph over the field. In so doing, Chemutai is not only the new national record holder but also the country’s first women’s Olympic champion.

It was particularly hot and muggy, and after a slow start, GSC athletes Chemutai and Kiyeng (Kenya) stayed nearby in front, with Chemutai in near striking distance. On the final lap, Chemutai overtook and stretched her lead, winning decisively.

Kiyeng’s mental and physical toughness allowed her to secure a bronze medal. The two East Africans will leave Tokyo with great performances to their names.

Peruth said, “I am happy, I am so happy. After my 5th place at the World Championships in Doha, I knew a medal would be possible if I run a good race. Today was a good race. I had my ups and downs in the last two years, but it also made stronger. I would like to thank my training partners in the camp as they really supported me so much in these times.”


1UGACHEMUTAI Peruth9:01.45
2USAFRERICHS Courtney9:04.79
3KENKIYENG Hyvin9:05.39
4ETHABEBE Mekides9:06.16
5GERKRAUSE Gesa Felicitas9:14.00
7KENCHEPKOECH Beatrice9:16.33
9GBRBIRD Elizabeth9:19.68
10BRNYAVI Winfred Mutile9:19.74
11CANLALONDE Genevieve9:22.40
12USACONSTIEN Valerie9:31.61
13ALBGEGA Luiza9:34.10
14ESPROBLES Carolina9:50.96

DNS = did not start

DQ = disqualified

Heat One

1BRNYAVI Winfred Mutile9:10.80Q
2UGACHEMUTAI Peruth9:12.72Q
3USACOBURN Emma9:16.91Q
4CANLALONDE Genevieve9:22.64Q
5KENKIRUI Purity9:30.13
6TUNBOUZAYANI Marwa9:31.25
7GERMEYER Lea9:33.00
8CHNXU Shuangshuang9:34.92
9IRLFINN Michelle9:36.26
10ETHMULETA Lomi9:45.81
11UKRSTREBKOVA Nataliya9:49.15
12ARGCASETTA Belen9:52.89
13AUSWINKCUP Georgia9:59.29
14BRAFERRAZ Simone10:00.92

Heat Two

1USAFRERICHS Courtney9:19.34Q
2GERKRAUSE Gesa Felicitas9:19.62Q
3KENCHEPKOECH Beatrice9:19.82Q
5ALBGEGA Luiza9:23.85Q
6AUSGREGSON Genevieve9:26.11Q
7BRAda SILVA Tatiane Raquel9:36.43
8CANYEE Regan9:41.14
9NEDvan der REIJKEN Irene9:42.98
10JPNYAMANAKA Yuno9:43.83
11GBRPRATT Aimee9:47.56
12POLKONIECZEK Aneta10:07.25
13HUNKACSER Zita10:43.99

Heat Three

1KENKIYENG Hyvin9:23.17Q
3ETHABEBE Mekides9:23.95Q
4USACONSTIEN Valerie9:24.31Q
5GBRBIRD Elizabeth9:24.34Q
6GERBURKARD Elena9:30.64
7HUNTOTH Lili Anna9:30.96
8POLKONIECZEK Alicja9:31.79
9DENMOLLER Anna Emilie9:31.99
10CANBUTTERWORTH Alycia9:34.25
11AUSCASHIN Amy9:34.67
12IRLFLANAGAN Eilish9:34.86
13ESPROBLES Carolina9:45.37q
14ISRCOHEN Adva10:05.95