Updated: See below for unveiling video….

Teaser Alert:
Some or many of you may know that I own this online magazine (website) Athletics Illustrated, welcome. It is a site that contains hundreds of interviews and hundreds of articles (op-ed and satire and “news” about the sport of running and field events). A.I. has a global audience, but is primarily North American. I am proud of what I built, well over a 1000 articles and videos later…

Some of the people I have interviewed include billionaire entrepeneur Sir Richard Branson, world record holders Paula Radcliffe, Haile Gebrselassie, John Walker, Emmanuel Mutai, Patrick Makau, as well as Mo Farah, Rod Dixon, Sonia O’Sullivan, Deena Kastor, Shalane Flanagan, Ron Clarke, Lorraine Moller, Jon Brown, Constantina Dita, Sally Kipyego, Kenenisa Bekele…and many, many more…collectively they own quite a volume of Olympic medals, world records and in the case of Branson, billions of dollars.


I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon for another like-product that will be a great source for the audience that it will serve (top secret, for now).

You may be familiar with the aphorism: “Many hands make light work”. Well they do! When we launch this online service (okay, disclosure: two partners, yes), we will be looking for your help, even if it is at a really, really, really small bit of help or if you want to invest your life savings, or any amount in-between, it all counts.

You will get something back. You may also be provided with an opportunity. If you help in the name of your business and of course if it fits; it may be reciprocal. And then of course there is all that wonderful and spirit-soaring karma that you will be privy to.

Please stay tuned.